Sunday, 30 June 2013

Working at the Cantegril

Yesterday I went to one off the several "cantegrils" that are spread throughout Montevideo, these settlements that abound all over the world with different names (Villas miseria in Argentina,Chabolas in Spain,Favelas in Brazil etc.) are places that house people in need and outlaws as well.
And by the way when I say "all over the world" I mean North America as well, with the difference that over there they are vertical, and generally built by the government.
Here some volunteers were building a house for a mother with her 5 children. I have to mention that the ones here are very small compared to the ones in Brazil that house more than 100 000 people each, and far less dangerous, try reasoning with 12 year olds with AK47s, with an expensive camera hanging from your neck...

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