Thursday, 18 July 2013

The battle of the River Plate

German cruiser "Admiral Graf Spee" was a pocket cruiser of the German navy at the beginning of WWII, it had a series of technological innovations at the time, like being made of welded plates as opposed to bolted plates, which made it much lighter an faster than its opponents. At the onstart of the war the Spee was assigned to "commerce raiding" thus pestering the Brits by sinking cargo and war ships as well. After sinking around 40 vessels the Spee was cornered in the Montevideo Bay, and scuttled by its Captain, to avoid it being captured .

In February 2004 a Salvage team raising the ship, and finally recovered several artifacts of the ship. The vessels telemeter is displayed at the Montevideo Port and a Gun Turret sits in front of the Naval Museum at the Rambla.
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