Sunday, 4 August 2013

The pigout guide to Montevideo - 2 patos

Having made for myself a reputation as a greasy spoon gourmet, I have to say that I have visited very fancy restaurants in every country I´ve troded. nevertheless I do prefer places where you eat well and do´nt need to pay for the fake smiles on the faces of the employees.
I´ve already mentioned the "Mercado del Puerto" in Montevideo, where you will find more than 10 different meat joints to choose from. deeper into town at the intersection of Av. Luis Alberto de Herrera and Cnel. Justo Arrechaga, you will find the parrillada 2 Patos, where you can enjoy hearthy parrilladas for half the price of the tourist joints.

Just in case you do,nt know, a "parrillada" is selection from the asado grill brought to your table in a coal heated tray, containing a variety of meat cuts, sausages and tripe.

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