Sunday, 5 January 2014

From Montevideo to Buenos Aires on the Francisco Papa

The fastest (and costliest way to go from Montevideo to Buenos Aires and vice versa is by Ferry, and the only company that goes direct is Buquebus. You can either go direct or via Colonia doing 2 and a half hours by bus and then the Ferry.
This time I went direct on their new boat (fresh from Tasmania) christened the Francisco Papa. It does the trip in 2 hrs ish. Before it took 3hrs plus. Considering its 10 bucks difference it was worth it.
The vessel is brand new and the seats are comfy, but the windows are poorly located and there is no way of going outside to get nice shots.

What I did´nt get, is why they give you these paper slippers to put over your shoes, to preserve the "ecologic carpet" on the ship. Really I do´nt know what an ecologic carpet is, being that it looked totally synthetic, and also they said that it was to avoid bringing bacteria on board...They forgot bout  the roller bags that are the best dirt samplers available.
In all and considering the scourging heat,and that the AC was working well, it was a pleasant experience, and you go from one downtown to the other, since both cities are facing the River Plate.

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