Sunday, 16 February 2014

From Buenos Aires to Montevideo by Colonia Express

Having crossed over to Buenos Aires aboard the fancy "Francisco Papa" of Buquebus I decided to return the slower and cheaper way via Colonia Express. It takes around 4hrs and is half the price of the above mentioned.
To board the boat you have to go to pretty derelict and difficult to find part of Buenos aires, so I recommend this trip only to the light packed and adventurous travellers.
The vessel is a quarter of the size of the big ferries and even on a calm day it rocks quite a bit, so If you get seasick, do´nt even try it.

The seats are allright and your luggage goes outside, so if it rains....
It takes you from Buenos Aires to Colonia and then you continue by bus to Montevideo.
They definitely have grammar problems bessides security issues as you can see by the signs posted.

The buses are clean and confy, but they land you at the bus station of Tres Cruces in Montevideo.

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