Saturday, 12 April 2014

Montevideo´s Main fire Station

One building that´s gonna catch your eye while visiting Montevideo is the "Cuartel general de Bomberos"located at the intersection of Colonia and Minas streets. actually it covers the whole Block.
It boasts a nice tower and castle type architecture.
In passing I asked the officer in charge if I could take a peek inside, and he very kindly agreed, even though its not currently open to the public. The firemen here are actually a branch of the police. I´ve been kicked out for taking pictures in front of the building in other countries.

What called my attention were the massive fire trucks that they had parked in the courtyard. In fact they are Russian made and they just got here (the army also uses them). I can´t imagine how big their gas budget is, cuz they look like massive guzzling machines to me, but for sure they paid a tenth of what an american made unit costs. 

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