Thursday, 4 September 2014

By Land from Montevideo to Sao Paulo - The Lanchonette

This time I decided to go from Mvd to Sao by land driving all along the Uruguayan and southern Brazilian coastline. I crossed the border into Brazil via the town of Chui, which is shared half and half in between both countries. I was really amazed at how Brazil has become a full fledged industrialised country. Immediately upon entering you fall into ample three or four lane highways and are dwarfed by hundreds of semis, that haul goods back and forth. But one thing that got me is that upon stopping for fuel and snacks at a gas station with " Lanchonete" (a Brazilian word derived from "Lanche", which means snack) and wanting a glass of fresh juice, something that in the past you could buy anywhere, they only had OJ, from some pale looking oranges that looked like they came out of a factory.
That´s progress for you.

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