Friday, 17 October 2014

From Sao Paulo to Montevideo by Land - the banana hut

After spending the night in Curitiba we headed south towards Rio Grande do Sul, passing by some marvellous beaches that were empty at this time of the year, making me want to stop and dip, but unfortunately we were on  a tight schedule. One of my fellow travellers wanted at all cost to buy some fresh pineapple to take back home, cuz he had bought some many moons ago. Now as I previously mentioned Brazil is now a fully operational industrialised country, so forget bout the supermarket that carries fruit that was hauled from thousands of miles by truck. providentially we bumped into this Bar-hut at the side of the road that had some fresh produce including pineapple and fresh cut bananas from a variety that only grows here, besides that you can buy the whole bunch for a few bucks. We also had some pineapple "batida" that´s basically pineapple blended with water.

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