Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Old Car Parade in La Floresta

Yesterday, Feb 7th I had the pleasure of driving the 55 clicks from Montevideo to La Floresta on a glorious Saturday afternoon.
La Floresta is a small seaside resort town used by many Uruguayans, Argies and Brazilians for their summer vacations.

This particular town organises its yearly "Encuentro de Cachilas" that is an old car parade-show. Cachila is a  term used here to denominate vintage cars like the classic Ford T, that had to be protected by law, so they would´nt all be sold to avid collectors abroad.

In all there were from 20 to 30 vintage cars from all decades in pristine shape, some came all the way from Argentina by road. The event is pretty family oriented and the car´s owners are very friendly, letting you climb on board the antiques.

The event lasts basically all day and the vehicles are parked right on a road overlooking the ocean and in the late afternoon they go on  a motorcade to a near by town, and return.. They have some vintage fire trucks complete with it´s crew and a Paddy waggon with some convicts stripe suited convicts locked in its caged bed.

In resume a pretty nice excursion for car buffs.
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