Thursday, 14 January 2016

I recommend: Ice cream in Buenos Aires - Daniel

Summer can be Bloody hot in Buenos Aires, and most porteños resort to fleeing to the coast for the summer holidays, now for those who still  remain here and for others that come here intentionally to evade the winter in the northern hemisphere, there is a consolation, and that is that Ice cream is very good in Argentina, on one hand due to its strong Italian tradition, and secondly for the quality of the local dairy products.
I have to confess that I do not like to eat Ice cream in large quantities, and always choose the smaller cone in the joint, but I also like to eat ice cream on a daily basis. So I decided to select some of the "Heladerias " that I judge to be good in quality and price.
I will start with one that sits a block away from where I live and one that I frequently stop at late hours to refresh myself with a cone.
Daniel is located at Soler y Armenia in Palermo, very close to several tourist circuits in Palermo, nevertheless you can get a small cone for the equivalent of a buck.
Recommended flavour: Cafe al Caramelo.

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