Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vauquita, Bliss in a snack

Allow me to introduce you to the ultimate argentine brain food. Its called Vauquita, maybe in analogy to vaquita, that means little cow, and consists of a small bar made entirely out of dulce de leche (no translation for that, even if someone says its like caramel. you wo´nt know till you have some). I have finally found an alternative to Jujuves and Jelly beans, that are very hard to come by here, to provide some high sugar content in a small size snack, that will get me trough hours of photo editing.

¿Por que se llama Vauquita? Nadie lo sabe, a pesar de que muchos le dicen Vaquita igual, he aquí la solución para el antojo de comer dulce de leche sin tener que acudir al pote y la cuchara, y al enchastre consecuente. Indispensable en el cajón de todo esclavo fotográfico, y adicto al azucar.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The rain in spain...

The rain falls mostly in the plain, not only in spain. Buenos aires has had a tendency to flood every time it rains, still there are nice shots to be taken.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Chacarita and its Cemetery

The cemetery owes its existence to a yellow fever epidemic in 1871, when existing cemeteries were strained beyond capacity (La Recoleta cemetery (see other post) refused to allow the burial of victims of the epidemic). Students of the of San Carlos Colege appropriated 5 hectares (12 acres) in the adjoining Colegiales neighbourhood to bury the thousands that had deceased.
Its Buenos Aire´s biggest and has many famous buried there, such as Carlos Gardel, the Tango Icon.

Top 10 Pizza Joints in Buenos Aires - El Imperio - Chacarita

El Imperio de la Pizza has two locations Av. Corrientes 6899 and Fco. Lacroze, Chacarita, both in Buenos Aires (city). These pics are from the one in Chacarita, that has retained its original looks. Right across from the train Terminal and the subway station, it has been a resting spot for millions of hungry travellers during decades.
By the way, when you go to this places, do´nt order a large pizza, go for the slice with fainá and eat it at the counter.

Entre las pizerias mas clasicas de Buenos Aires, se encuentra el Imperio con sus dos sucursales, un poco mas lejos de las que están en el centro, o en la Boca, pero con la misma calidad porteña.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fall in the southern hemisphere

The trees are finaly ripe for good autumn pics, same way I have my favourite Maples in Canada, I´ve found some Oak trees here that are wonderful in the fall.


Tandil, located 360 kms to the south of Buenos Aires, is a nice rural city, with few urban atractions but with nice pampean views and rolling hills. It features a Way of the cross made in marble. also renownwd for its salame (dried sausages) and dairy products. There´s a store called "El Mundo del Dulce de leche", where you can find all the home made types, that you can't purchase in the city.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Top 10 Pizza joints in Buenos Aires - Guerrin - Centro

It´s known that the Pizza in Buenos Aires rankes amongst the best in the world, among the many pizza joints in the city, one of the best 10 is Guerrin, in Av. Corrientes. I had the house´s own, with sweet peppers and olives.
Stay tuned for my pilgrimage to the top 10 pizerias in Buenos Aires.

La pizza en Baires es la mejor, despues de haber comido en varias pizerias de Norte a Sur en Italia, te digo que si no le gana le empata. Aqui se puede comer pizza en cualquier esquina, pero hay ciertas pizerias que son únicas pues no tienen sucursales, o franquicias. Guerrin es una de ellas ubicada en el corazón de Buenos aires en la calle Corrientes a dos cuadras del obelisco, el precio me pareció un poco caro para los locales, pero para quien viene del exterior, es un regalo.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

San Luis Province a well kept secret

Had the chance to visit the city of San Luis located in the province with the same name. I must say that it was a welcome change from the cement jungle that´s Buenos Aires. Nice folk and fair wether along with simple but charming hills.