Saturday, 27 February 2016

The trip to Chile - from Mendoza to Santiago,

Now, this is when the scenic part of the trip begins, Once you cross the border you get to see the other side of the Andes Mountains that fall dramatically into the sea forming a real wall.

you start by winding down a road for at least 1000 meters down hill and then continue on a much lower level than on the Argentine side

if you travel o a nice day it will do for great pics even through the bus window.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The trip to Chile - From Buenos Aires to Mendoza

So for my holidays this summer I decided to go to visit some friends in neighbouring Chile, I will try to bring you through step by step by the different stages of my trip.
I wanted to go by bus for two reasons, one being the scenery of the crossing of the Andes mountain range, which i´ve seen innumerable times by plane, but never up close, and second cuz I wanted to bring back a bicycle which I used to move around in Chile.
So I started catching the bus at the Retiro bus terminal headed for Mendoza which was the first stop before crossing towards Chile. Y travelled by Andesmar at "Cama" which is the most comfy option allowing you to actually sleep during the 14 hrs trip .

I arrived to Mendoza at 8am on a Sunday Morning and had to catch the 10.30 bus to Santiago de Chile. I was pleased to find out that the Mendoza bus terminal is 10 blocks away from the city´s historical core, so I looked for a luggage locker and found one that will keep your bags for 30 pesos for the whole day.
So off I went on an quick tour of the city, which was deserted at that hour, allowing me to enjoy the sites freely.

Mendoza is quite colonial and has plenty of parks, but I left the grand tour for the return trip.