Sunday, 25 October 2015

At the Casa FOA 2015 in Buenos Aires

The casa FOA is a yearly architecture & design show held on different venue for the last three decades, many of them abandoned or uninhabited, which are restored and decorated with a different theme on each room according to the company or studio that has the assignment.
this year its is held at an Beauxs art palace in Retiro located at Basabilvaso 1233 from Oct 23rd till Nov.30th.

I think its a great idea to rescue buildings that otherwise would be neglected, and at the same time promote new ideas

I personally enjoy the exterior architecture and the interior rooms that were kept with its original boiserie, but since the mansion has lots of rooms, there´s something for every taste.

In passing snapshot - Friendly neighbouhood violinist

Funny stuff you find on the subway. I saw this gentelman with a spider man suit playing the violin at the Plaza Italia subway station.
I think that his marbles were on the short side cuz he was basically making noise. nevertheless he was spreading joy and providing a colourfull scene.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The cultural scene in Buenos Aires

Today I would like to ramble about the cultural scene in Buenos Aires, which offers a wide array of paid and free performances year round. Unlike some cities that only come alive during the summer, you can find concerts and talks all year round, including outdoor ones.

This week I managed to attend two, the first one a Renaissance music concert at a church, and the second one a live broadcast of the "Romeo and Julliet" valet, right outside the Colon theatre.
Both were well attended which testifies to the cultural appetite of Argentines, even though they tend to brag a lot and emit opinions on subjects they know nothing about, they tend to be cultured at an European level.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

At the Autoclasica in San Isidro

Today I give you some live news direct from Aotoclasiaca, here in San Isidro. For all you car buffs, like me, at this show you can see a large array of classic vehicles.

Held yearly at the San Isidro Horse racetrack., you can still make it there today or tomorrow.
the entrance fee is 120 pesos and it is well worth the price. They have miles of cars parked at the premises
as well as motorbikes, and even spare parts.

of course we are talking bout classics, this is not the Detroit or Frankfurt auto shows.

But they have a great collection of vintage cars from all over the world in mint condition.

As well as old colectivos, that are an icon of Argentine public transport.

A partir de ahora voy a empezar a escribir en castellano en consideración de muchos amigos que me responden afirmativamente cuando les pregunto si leen ingles, y en realidad no lo manejan tan bien.
Igualmente a mi también me da pereza de leer en otro idioma a menos que lo maneje muy bien.
Este fin de semana estube en San Isidro para la Autoclasica, la reunión anual de  los amantes de los fierros clasicos.
Realmente valió la pena pues había mucho para ver, desde coches del comienzo del siglo pasado hast bondís reletos de fileteado.

See the PDF here

Sunday, 4 October 2015

In passing snapshots, the classics in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of contrasts, on one hand you have the Colon theatre with world fame performances, and on the the other hand you  can be mugged right outside at any time.
Anyway I was´nt mugged yet and I still enjoy taking pics of vintage cars found parked on the streets.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

El Club de pescadores de Buenos Aires

The Fisherman's club located at the Costanera Norte in Buenos Aires is one of those emblematic buildings of the city that you probably saw going or coming from the Aeroparque city airport.
Built in 1903 on a pier over the River Plate it resembles a Belgian Castle, its an ideal spot to frame a sunrise on  the river.

I´ve been here several times to shoot sunrises, but on a Sunday afternoon I stoped by to visit the interior, that boast an aquarium with the native species of the river plate, and also a restaurant that overlooks the river.
the premises are restricted to non members but if you ask politely they will let you look around, and you can lunch or dine at the resto without membership.