Sunday, 16 June 2013

Barracas a remnant of a more prosperous time

It seems to me that Barracas has a time of prosperity back in wich they built some sumptuous buildings that are now in a semi decrepit state, like this one on Icalma Street.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Calle Lanin, Barracas

La Calle Lanin is a two block strech of colourfull houses whose fronts have been painted and decorated with mosaics ,the murals there, were created in the year 2001 by local artist Marino Santa Maria ,who  lives on number 33. Its worth going if you have mobility, but the area in general is quite rundown, and gets spooky after dark.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Top 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires, Angelin, Villa Crespo

Angelin is located at Av. Cordoba 5270, in Villa crespo. Its tucked in a small non descriptive location, But it ranks amongst the best pizzas in B.A., It´s said to count with ilustrious custummers such as Frank Sinatra and Robert Dubal. Its only open after 6pm and is mostly eat on the bar style, with no tourist amenities.
This one is worth the extra mile to enjoy a very good pizza, and fainá with cheese, that is´nt served everywhere.
Oh I was forgetting that they have a very good draught beer as well.

Otra joya del Barrio de Villa Crespo es la Pizeria Angelin, para comer pizza de dorapa y una fainá excelente con un chop bien tirado. El precio no es barato, pero vale la pena, aparte de tener un buen servicio, y te dejan comer y pagar al final, no como esos lugares antipaticos que exigen pagar todo antes de consumir.

Russians in the Pampas

Everyone emigrated to Argentina, including the Russians. Across from Parrque Lezama sits the Russian Ortodox Church of  Buenos Aires, with beautifull blue onion domes, held by chains as was the custom in the white steppes.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Top 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires, Banchero, La Boca

Located at Av. Almirante Brown 1200, Banchero is one of the places you must visit when you go to La Boca, and you probably will if sightseing in Buenos Aires. Forget bout other tourist trap resto´s, walk a couple of blocks from caminito and you´re there.

The place is a true institution in "La Boca" and in the City for its great Pizza

El Banchero, parada obligatoria de una visita a La Boca, una institución porteña en materia de Pizza.

Parque Lezama, Reminiscing the Past

Benos Aires has a great ammount of Parks, some are called Parques, wich usualy occupy several blocks, and others are called Plazas, wich vary in size, but usualy are´nt bigger than a block.
Parque Lezama is one of the oldest parks in the City, and is said to be the site where Buenos Aires was originally founded.
Its in the boundary between San Telmo and La Boca, two places that you will visit for sure if you come here. Unfortunatelly, it´s a little unkept, but still has some features of its former splendour.
On the Park premises sits the Museo historico Nacional, wich used to be the house of Lezama,that was a whole with the park itself. Its woth visiting if you´re interested in argentine history.

Que decir del Parque Lezama. situado en una zona media abandonada de la ciudad, donde San Telmo deja de ser turistico, y antes de lo único turistico de la Boca, que es caminito. El Museo Historico Nacional, que se encuentra anexo al Parque tiene objetos interesantes de la epoca de Rosas y de la naciente nación argentina.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Top 10 Pizza joints in Buenos Aires, San Antonio, Boedo

San Antonio is located in the intersection of Av.Boedo y Av.Garay, in the neighbourhood of Boedo. Its Pizza is good, but I imagine it was better in the past. Defenitely the best of Boedo. The place has been renovated keeping some of its traditinal elements. This a place to sit down and order a whole pizza, opposed to eating one on the go.

San Antono sigue produciendo buena Zappi, pero me da la impresión que cambió de dueño recientemente y al modernizarla le quitaron algunos elemntos tipicos de las pizerias de barrio.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Top 10 Pizza joints in Buenos Aires, El Fortin, Villa Devoto

El Fortin is located in Villa Devoto, a neighbourhood quite far from the tourist areas, The pizza they make there is good but the Fainá is supperb, The place is in a vintage-derelict state, and the sevice is in your face, only spanish spoken, the price is very cheap, and defenitely worth stopping by if you´re in the area.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Jalapeños with argie attitude

While living in Mexico, I picked up one of many cullinary bad habbits, wich is my love for hot peppers. I said goodbye to the fresh version of these, since outside Mexico you can only find the canned type. To my amazement I discovered that they also grow them in Argentina, and they come with an extra punch., so I decided to marinade an can my own. powerfull stuff these jalapeños. They seem to have adquired the local attitude.