Saturday, 8 June 2013

Parque Lezama, Reminiscing the Past

Benos Aires has a great ammount of Parks, some are called Parques, wich usualy occupy several blocks, and others are called Plazas, wich vary in size, but usualy are´nt bigger than a block.
Parque Lezama is one of the oldest parks in the City, and is said to be the site where Buenos Aires was originally founded.
Its in the boundary between San Telmo and La Boca, two places that you will visit for sure if you come here. Unfortunatelly, it´s a little unkept, but still has some features of its former splendour.
On the Park premises sits the Museo historico Nacional, wich used to be the house of Lezama,that was a whole with the park itself. Its woth visiting if you´re interested in argentine history.

Que decir del Parque Lezama. situado en una zona media abandonada de la ciudad, donde San Telmo deja de ser turistico, y antes de lo único turistico de la Boca, que es caminito. El Museo Historico Nacional, que se encuentra anexo al Parque tiene objetos interesantes de la epoca de Rosas y de la naciente nación argentina.

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