Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fireworks at “La Boca”

Went to see the fireworks at Vuelta de Rocha in La Boca last Saturday Jan 24. FYI La vuelta de Rocha is the place in La Boca where u can see two huge steel bridges that cross the Riachuelo.
Anyway the event was done by the same guy that organized the fireworks at the Beijing Olympic games. I have to say that it was a little disappointing cuz of the intervals in between each Tango song that they played, bout 6-7 minutes, and that the explosions were very low, but over all it was O.K.

Monday, 26 January 2015

In Passing Snapshot - The Birdhouse on the statue

Passing by the " Bosques de Palermo" I saw this statue of some obscure hero, whose name I can`t remember, but what really caught my eye was the "hornero" house, which belongs to a local South American bird called Hornero, or oven maker, cuz he makes his nest with mud and looks very much like a wood oven.
Indeed this bird was not satisfied by the thousands of trees that abound in the park and decided to go exclusive and perch his nest on a statue.

The Abasto Market of Buenos Aires

Tha Old wholesale Fruit market of the city of Buenos Aires that operated from 1893 until 1984  was always known as the “Mercado de Abasto” , now a modern shopping centre since 1999 (like the ones you might find from Shanghay  to La Paz).

Llocated in the Balvanera Neighbourhood also known as “Once” .You might run across it if you visit the area where Carlos Gardel lived most of his life earning him the nickname of “ El morocho del Abasto”.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Top 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires - Napoles - Villa Crespo

Located at Av. Corrientes 5588, villa Crespo (two blocks from “Malabia” subway station (Linea B), and close to "El Imperio" which I mentioned on a previous post. The pizzeria Napoles is a non descriptive, non tourist oriented facade pizza joint. Here you will find one of the best examples of "media masa", you can dine in or take out, if you order a medium size pie it will feed two people or 3 salad eating chicks, or the "Grande" for four or two very hungry people.
Go for the Mozzarella or Margarita, and try the faina, that is also quite good.
The prices are quite accessible as well

Otra pizzeria clasica del barrio Villa Crespo, cada vez mas amenazado por los comercios"chic" de Palermo viejo, otrora un barrio tambien tranquilo.
A unas tres cuadras de Corrientes y Scalabrin Ortiz, donde se encuentra "El Imperio", otra pizeria mencionda en este blog.
Napoles se mantubo inmune al paso del tiempo, Alli donde se puede comer una buena pizza de media masa o encargar para llevar. Los precios son baratos y no es muy concurrida por turistas, pero hay que ir con tiempo y paciencia, pues generalmente hay un solo mozo atendiendo. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

From the Past - The lake of Xochimilco

You can call it the Xochimilco Lake or Lagoon, or just canals. In any case if you visit Mexico City, I do recommend you spare an afternoon to take a ride in the picturesque boats that ferry you around the different canals. Its like a cross in between Venice and the Aztec Empire.
See the Pdf here.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Lujan Basilica

The Lujan Basilica, located bout 80 clics from the City of Buenos Aires is a real Neo Gothic architectural jewel. Being the National Sanctuary of the Virgin of Lujan, which is the Patroness of the Argentine, it will probably be packed full on the weekends and national holidays, which abound in Argentina.
I had the blessing of going there on a weekday in which it was practically empty. Gothic buffs like me will surely enjoy the architecture that is 100 years old bur was recently renovated.