Monday, 31 October 2016

At the "Buenos Aires celebra Libano"

Yesterday I dropped by the Lebanese festival at Avenida de Mayo, to watch the show and enjoy some good oriental food.

Even though it was´nt as big as the other festivals, the food was good and it still netted some nice pics.

In passing snapshot - Underground metal

This snapshot was courtesy of a guitar player at the B line of the Buenos Aires subway, the dude was so grooved that he did´nt even see me taking the pic.

Monday, 24 October 2016

The City Tour bus in Cordoba

While staying in the City of Cordoba in Argentina, I had the chance to do the City tour on a Vintage bus from London.

The tour takes you to most points of interest in the Capital, and has two stops. At the equivalent of 10 bucks in pesos it is worth taking it.

Stuff you find in San Telmo

Walking through the streets of San Telmo neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, I bumped into some very interesting items.

Lots of religious articles, mostly in silver.

Fine cristalware and silverware.

And the classic seltzer bottles called sifones which make great decoration pieces.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Prost from the Oktoberfest at Villa Gral Belgrano, Cordoba

Had the chance to travel to Cordoba province in Argentina and go to the picturesque town of Villa General Belgarno, located two hours away from the Capital.

This year they celebrated their 53rd Oktoberfest. Needles to say that the town is German colony in Cordoba, where you can find the best strudel, sausage and beer in Argentina.

The event lasts 10 days and is packed full of German goodies. I personally eat the best sausage and sauerkraut outside of Germany I ever had.

There were many locals in their typical German dresses and delegations from all the mayor ethnic groups in Argentina, and it goes without saying that you can drink all the beer that your wallet can handle.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

A the Russian Festival in Buenos Aires

Today I stumbled upon the "Buenos Aires celebra Rusia" at Avenida de Mayo, while I was leading a photo walk downtown.

The Russian community in Argentina is not that large, and they tend to be spread out all over the country, nevertheless Russia has a lot to offer.

From its Russian hounds to its vodka and even putin T-shirts.