Thursday, 31 March 2016

The trip to Chile: El Mercado central de Santiago

Right around the "Puente de Cal y Canto" subway station you´ll find the Mercado Central de Santiago, which operates as a fish market as well as tourist attraction with souvenir shops and Sea food restaurants.

the structure itself was probangland along with dozens of others found all over cities with Ports.

Inside you can indulge in buying over sized sea food and fish, that abound in the southern pacific, or eat it at the many small restos that are into every space available.

Or just take great shots of the fresh fish displayed for sale.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The trip to Chile - La piojera

Now, when in Santiago you must have good chilean wine, in all its versions. One of them is the drink called "Terremoto " or earthquake which consists of  a mix of white wine called pipeño(normally not the finest) pinepple icream, and pomegranate syrup, all combined in a 400ml cup.
A fine establishment to try it out is "La piojera" or the lice nest, which is located in Santiago across the Mercado Central close to the "Puente Cal y Canto" subway station
its a very popular eatery where you can have typical chilean food or just indulge in a Terremoto drink or its smaller version called "Replica"

Holy week in Cordoba

Even without finishing my "trip to Chile " series I would like to comment on my last trip to Cordoba province  for Holy week.

I stayed in the Capital of Cordoba which bares the same name. one of my favourite hangots in the city is whats called "La cañada", basically a channeled river which crosses the city and is lined by a stone wall and nice trees.

if you stay close to the downtown area you´ll be able to enjoy beatifull colonial churches and buildings.

A must is a visit to the manzana jesuitica which is one of the better preserved colonial city blocks in argentina.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Trip to Chile - Moving around Santiago by subway


Santiago de Chile has a vast subway system called the Metro. Its safe and reasonably priced (around 1 buck a trip), not as cheap as Mexico city or Buenos Aires, and does not have the transfer system that allows you to continue by bus, but its clean and efficient.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Trip to Chile - Moving around Santiago by bike

Santiago actually is a pretty bike friendly city, besides being a good place to buy one. Since I did so myself I biked around quite a bit, specially in the downtown area.

There are plenty of bike paths which take up a whole lane, and cross parks as well. But beware of asking directions, cuz most people in Santiago do´nt know or do´nt care, bring a map or check google.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

La noche de las Librerías in Avenida Corrientes

Last night I went to the Bookstore night in Buenos Aires, It was held in Avenida Corrientes which became into a pedestrian for the night.

As I previously mentioned B.A. is a very literate city, where until today most of the important editorials of South America still publish.
The Event attracted multitudes in conjunction with the Porteño´s attraction with nightlife.

The bookstores were really packed, making it difficult to move around, and also there were long lineups to cash out.

Anywhere else this event would have been held during the early afternoon hours, but not in Buenos Aires, where people go to dine out at 11pm.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

I reccomend: Icecream in Buenos Aires - Tufic Palermo Soho

Before the summer ends, here´s another Palermo favourite. Tufic is located at the intersection of Guatemala and Armenia street in Palermo soho. It markets itself as a "Espacio de sabores" which vaguely translates to an area of flavours, kinda....The quality quantity is good and they have some original flavours worth trying like "Frutos del Bosque con Nutella"

The trip to chile - El Valle Nevado

The Valle Nevado is located 46 clics East of Santiago, obviously towards the Andes

It is a popular ski resort during winter time, and a very nice trekking and sightseeing destination during the summer. From there you can see the magnificent Andes mountains and watch the majestic Condor fly.

I went there by car from Santiago and the road was pristine, I do not know if there is any kind of public transport that can bring you there, but I certainly recommend going there for sunset and Condor pics.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The trip to Chile - Downtown Santiago

So Santiago de Chile is a Modern Capital city withs fare share of classic buildings. On my first day I wondered around the bank district while exanging money at the local exange shops.

Close to the presidential Palce I spotted these two carabineros ( local military police) on their way to a ceremony.

There is a cute area around the "Bolsa de Valores" building wich has kept its original look

The city struck me as very tidy and clean, though a bit poluted with smog.