Saturday, 28 February 2015

In passing snapshot - The urban tree lane

This pic was definitely taken in passing, hence its blurriness. The point is that cities with trees tend to give its inhabitants a certain serenity, something I´ve noticed in Montevideo.
In any case I found this stretch of Paraguay street very picturesque, adorned with a type of tree that here they call "Platano", found all over the city.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A canadian relic - the Toronto made Overland

As funny as it may sound, in all my years living in Toronto, I never heard bout an overland car factory that had operated in the city. To my surprise when going over some shots I took at the old car show I covered in La Floresta, i saw that one of the early 1920's models was actually made in T.O.

It seems that overland was a division of Willys, later bought by jeep and GM, that had a factory located in Toronto the good. Funny that i came all the way to Uruguay to see one of these beauties for the first time.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Montevideo's car washers

Come Saturday, its a universal habit to wash your car, either you DYS in your driveway or those places that operate with coins or you get ripped off at the car washes normally found at gas stations that set you back anywhere from 15 to 40 bucks, and your car doesen´t come out that great anyway.
Here in Montevideo you can find this manual car washers set up on the curb of major avenues that will wash your vehicle in record time, inside and out for a very reasonable price.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

In Passing Snapshot - What car is this ?

On passing  by Avenida San Juan in Buenos Aires i spotted this half car body that is now gracing a stores facade. What car is it, beats mee, if you know let me know.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

From the past - Sunsets in Montevideo

As I mentioned in a previous post, Montevideo is blessed with beautiful sunrises and sunsets because of it bay like shape on the River Plate. here goes a selection of last years most beautiful ones.
See the Pdf here

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Old Car Parade in La Floresta

Yesterday, Feb 7th I had the pleasure of driving the 55 clicks from Montevideo to La Floresta on a glorious Saturday afternoon.
La Floresta is a small seaside resort town used by many Uruguayans, Argies and Brazilians for their summer vacations.

This particular town organises its yearly "Encuentro de Cachilas" that is an old car parade-show. Cachila is a  term used here to denominate vintage cars like the classic Ford T, that had to be protected by law, so they would´nt all be sold to avid collectors abroad.

In all there were from 20 to 30 vintage cars from all decades in pristine shape, some came all the way from Argentina by road. The event is pretty family oriented and the car´s owners are very friendly, letting you climb on board the antiques.

The event lasts basically all day and the vehicles are parked right on a road overlooking the ocean and in the late afternoon they go on  a motorcade to a near by town, and return.. They have some vintage fire trucks complete with it´s crew and a Paddy waggon with some convicts stripe suited convicts locked in its caged bed.

In resume a pretty nice excursion for car buffs.
See the Pdf Here

In Passing Snapshot - The polkadot escalator walls

I liked the funky- Retro design on this escalator case at the Florida subway station in Buenos Aires.
See it also at 500px

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

From Buenos Aires to Montevideo by Land

This time I decided to travel from Buenos Aires to Montevideo by car. Driving up to Gualeguaychu on the Argie side and across to Fray Bentos on the Uruguayian side. I found the trip by boat more exiting in all its modalities, however if you carpool it can be much cheaper and about the same time in length, since it takes roughly six hours to drive and you can even stop by Colonia del Sacramento.

The scenery is very rural and momnotonous yet very serene and for a short trip like this you might even consider it for its reaxing efect.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Copper pot man in San Telmo

Here´s a tip for you, if you visit the San Telmo fair, on Plaza Dorrego, in Buenos Aires. Among the many tables found there, you will see the old man that sells copper ware, basically anything made of copper, but specially pans and pots which he makes himself. There isn’t much science in a copper pot, but these are well made and very cheap. Like normally a medium size copper pot will set u back around 120 to 150 bucks. Here you can get a brand new one for $40. I actually used one to make marmalade and was very satisfied with its performance, so I got a second one.