Monday, 16 April 2018

El Cafe Tortoni

When you visit Buenos Aires you will surelly be taken to the "Cafe Tortoni" in Avenida de Mayo, Which is probably the most famous "Cafe Notable" of the city.

Besides being a Vintage venue, it is the place where most of argentinas famous Tango singers performed.

The ceiba in bloom

This is the time of year to enjoy the "ceiba spesiosa" aka Palo Borracho in Bloom in Buenos Aires.

This one is in recoleta close to the bridge that croses from Av. Libertador to Figueroa Alcorta.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Agony of looking for a job in Buenos Aires - The Layoff

Maybe you noticed that I slowed down on my posts in this blog, the main reason was that I got fired from my day job in Buenos aires and my schedule was altered since I had to do several odd jobs to be able to survive here.
It all started in May 2017 right after a very good series of trips to Patagonia, salta and Uruguay.
I was full of trips scheduled for 2017 that got cancelled due to my economic uncertainty. You may think that I work as a full time photographer, but no. I normally do Logistic work, and it so happened that the company I was working for decided to let me go along with other "10 lucky guys".
In this series i will recount all the new experiences that I went through in my 8 month job search.
First the layoff came as a total surprise since I was in good standing and had no problem with my boss or my fellow workmates. In the passing months i was told that the company has the policy of firing people before they gain seniority since here in Argentina your salary increases with seniority and also the indemnization they have to pay to get rid of you.

The " Jardín Japones" in Buenos Aires

The Japanese garden in Buenos Aires is a private park founded by the Japanese community half a century ago. It recreates Japanese scenes and has its own museum.

Ideal for a weekend afternoon stroll, it is´nt very big but it is located in the heart of Palermo right along the Parke 3 de Febrero.

They normally host Japanese shows and have a nice gift shop with all type of traditional Japanese souvenirs, they also sell plants and have their own cafeteria. You will need to pay an entrance fee, which varies but is generally around 6 U$S.

In passing snapshot - Tango & Polkadots

I loved the street tango singer´s dress at san telmo in Buenos Aires

Monday, 19 March 2018

Tu experiencia canon event at the Jardín Japones

the Canon Event named " Tu experiencia Canon" held at the Jardín Japonés in Buenos aires was a weekend event held by Canon Argentina to introduce the public to the latest addition to its Rebel line.

The day was supperb and the gardens have plenty of nice scenes and macro shot opportunities. The event consisted in a short tour of the premisses to teach the participants some basic photography techniches usind the entry level canon camera.

In all it was well organized and they gave participants a print out of their best shot and a Canon coffe mug.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Librería La Calesita, Avenida de Mayo

When in Buenos Aires you will probably decide to walk on Avenida de Mayo where you will find Historical Buildings gallore. One of those interesting edifices is the one located at Av. de Mayo 769, which houses a vintage Book store named "La calesita", (the merry-go-round)

Filled with antique objects as well as books, its one of thos places that are worth stopping by just to feel the ambiance and sample a glimps from the past.