Saturday, 23 June 2018

DOT Baires shopping Mall

here´s your average shopping mall located at the edge of Buenos Aires in the not so long abandoned neighbourhood of Saavedra.

This is mall you could find in Melbourne or Kuala Lumpur but if ypou´re in the area and don´t feel like going downtown or into the province, its probably a nice place to hang out.

Yay, 1000 pics in Fotolia

Yesss, I made it to 1000 pics for sale at adobes Fotolia site.
mind you it took me 11 years to do it with a total revenue of less than 300 bucks.
but anyway its a good thing to pass some free time uploading the files and going through the selection process.

Friday, 1 June 2018

In passing snapshot - Tatoo photographer

Personally I think that tattoos are for people with nothing else to show, but I don´t mind people with tattoos as long as they do´nt get totally covered in them.
So in this guys case I liked the designs that he had in his arm.

Fall in between showers in buenos Aires

After three weeks of miserable rainy weather there was finally a series of sunny days that allowed the trees in Buenos Aires to get into Autumn mood.

I was fortunate to have some time and take some shots of the fall colours before the rain came back for another week.

these were taken in the Nuñez - Saavesra hoods in Buenos Aires.

Tu experiencia Canon event at the DOT Baires shopping mall.

I attended last Sunday the latest Canon event named "Mi experiencia Canon". This time it was inside a shopping Mall even though most of the shoot was done on a small terrace with some flowers and plants.

Like the previous one it lasted half an hour and they let you play around with the latest rebel camera that they sell in Argentina, which is one that is discontinued in North America and Europe, and you pay double the price that you would pay the newer model elsewhere.

But anyway, I have to say that the photo guides where very kind and helpful and they also give you a Canon coffee mug as a gift.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Places to eat in Palermo - Eretz -Midle-eastern food.

Eretz is Middle Eastern cuisine small restaurant located at Malabia 1583 in the Palermo hood.

Technically dedicated to Jewish food it has a variety of middle eastern dishes as well. Cosy ambiance and good food.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Museo Popular José Hernadez

The MAP or Museo de arte popular José Hernandez is a former residence transformed into museum, located at Avenida Libertador 2373, is dedicated to Argentine popular art.

like most museums you might find some interesting exhibitions and some others that look like twisted scrap metal that someone decided to call art.

I visited this museum to watch a documentary about the last surviving member of one of the native tribes that inhabited Argentina, the Chanas.

but also found this very interesting temporary exhibition of Ponchos used by Argentines in many provinces. I do recommend seeing it.