Sunday, 29 May 2016

The trip to Chile - El cerro San Cristobal

The Cerro San Cristobal located on the Northern side of the Mapocho River is Santiago´s Hikers, runners and Bikers haven.

It has two access points that bring you to the top of the hill, along the climb, be it running walking or biking you have several lookout points. Mind you Santiago is pretty polluted, so you probably have to find a nice after rain time to get a nice view of the city skyline.

 Once you make it to the top, you ll find the Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception crowned by a statue of the Virgin Mary.
there´s also an ex voto wall in which devotees leave candles and thanksgiving plaques.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

25 de Mayo and the " El Hipopotamo Bar" in San Telmo

May 25th is a national Holiday en Argentina, commemorating the date of its independence From Spain in 1810. One of the traditions involving this date is to est a popular stew called "Locro"

Locro is made with corn,potatoes meat and other stew additives you might like. There are thousands of places to eat Locro on the "25 de Mayo", including the presidential residence in Olivos, where they hold a Free event.

Since that day I went biking with friends, we decided to check out the Locro at "El Hipopotamo"a traditional Bar located at Brasil & Defensa in the San Telmo neigbourhood.

El Hipopotamo is a great place to eat and take very nice vintage photos, since it has been kept in its original state.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ten top pizza joints in Buenos Aires - Runner ups - Siamo nel Forno - Palermo Hollywood

Siamo nel Forno, who´s name makes reference to an argie saying " estamos en el horno", meaning we´re done. Is not your typical argie pizzeria, even though its pizza is quite good. So that´s why it made it to the runner ups in my list.

Do not get me wrong "Siamo nel forno" is very good pizza place in the Neapolitan category, serving the pizza piato style, but its a place that imitates something else, in this case a Neapolitan setting.

In reading other food related blogs in Buenos Aires, this joint is very well recommended, but again in the same blog you´ll read that "Buenos Aires has the worst pizza in the world". A commentary made a burger popping chick that has no clue about real food.

The pizza they serve here is the hard dough version, which differs from the typical spongy argie style, nevertheless I found it very good, not the best, and the service was all right, with a poor choice of draft beers but good enough.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Ten top Beer joints in Buenos Aires - Bangalore - Palermo

The Bangalore pub, located at Humboldt 1420 at the edge of the Palermo neighbourhood is ambiented as a typical Northern England pub with antique furniture and the classic wood mantelpiece.

It serves mild Indian food and the average fries with curry. Their selection of crafted beers is not the widest, and the prices aren't that great. But it makes it up for by its  cosy ambiance.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Holy week in Cordoba - La Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

If you´re into Neo Gothic architecture, you should'nt miss out visiting the "Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón " in Cordoba. Also known as the capuchin church, you´ll find it at the intersection of Buenos Aires and Obispo de Oro streets.

Built from 1924 til 1934 it was part of the Europeanization of Cordoba that took place in the Barrio "Nueva Cordoba" with the construction of Palaces and important government building that emulate the glories of the Old Continent.

The church could be in better shape, but it still holds its appeal both internally and externally. It has two towers which represent the mortality of men ( the one without a cuppola) and the immortality of the soul.

In all one of the many churches in Cordoba city that are worth visiting.

Friday, 20 May 2016

The trip to Chile - La Biblioteca Nacional

Chile´s National Library is surely a place worth visiting, located on the Libertador O´Higgins Ave. in Santiago, built between 1813 and 1825 in a French neoclassical style, it is currently open to the public and can be visited for free.

It hosts ample study areas with very nice desks and chairs and wi-fi access.

It has a wide array of reference material and has displayed some of south america´s oldest maps, besides holding most of the countries digital reference material.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Ten top Beer joints in Buenos Aires - Dobleseis - Palermo

Small and cozy on the inside with a mezzanino and a ground floor, Doble seis in Palermo also has outdoor tables.

Another of Palermo's craft beer hot spots, it does not have a wide selction of beers but it makes it up by its good food and service.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

In passing snapshot - The scooter

A city snapshot taken behind the facultad de Medicina, on M.T de Alvear street in Buenos Aires.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Holy week in Cordoba - La Universidad Nacional de Cordoba

Cordoba´s national University, located at the "Manzana jesuitica" is one of the most prestigious universities in Argentina, the forth oldest in the Americas, besides having been declared a World heritage site by the U.N.

Founded by the Jesuits in the 17th century, it still functions as an University, but can also be visited. It has been completely restored and holds a Library with unique books.

Since it was taken from the Jesuits when they were expelled from the Spanish domains in the 18th century, it has switched hands till it settled as a state run university.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ten top Beer Joints in Buenos Aires - Nola, Cocina Cajun - Palermo

Nola´s Pub is located at Gorriti 4289 in Palermo. If you crave for Cajun chicken and Pecan pie, it´s probably the only place that you will find them in Buenos Aires.

As most of the other beer places it has a reasonable variety of Crafted Beers, but a wider food menu specialising in chicken, also the fried version is quite good. Up to date it has the cheapest happy hour pint at ars$40, which is under 3 bucks.

Monday, 9 May 2016

At the 2016 Feria Masticar

This weekend i had the chance to visit The 2016 edition of the "Feria Masticar" (Chewing fair), held at the Dorrego Market at Zapiola 50 in Palermo.

I have to say that it grew quite a bit since I last went there two years ago, mostly with the addition of Food trucks, that seem to be all the rage here in Buenos Aires.

The fair was quite complete featuring organic foods kiosks, utensils stands, and a variety of food trucks and kiosks, along with cooking books.

On Saturday you could also mingle with your famous food TV celebs like the Petersen brothers or Maru Botana, that made an appearance or gave cooking lessons.

Friday, 6 May 2016

The trip to Chile - El Museo Histórico Nacional de Santiago

The National history museum in Santiago is Located smack at the Plaza de Armas in Santiago. Housed at a well preserved historical building it can be missed due to all the other attractions around the Santiago´s main square.

Its a nice place to get acquainted with Chile's history but most of the texts at the exhibits are in Spanish, so do learn a bit of the language before going.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Ten top beer joints in Buenos Aires - Jerome - Palermo

Jerome´s Pub or Beer republic, is located at Malabio1401 in Plaermo Viejo, Its one of the many Crafted Beer pubs that has sprung up in the area.

It specializes in Crafter beer from Mendoza an mountanous areas in Argentina. I was very satisfied with the "Roja andina" and the Scothish Ale I tried.

I have also to praise their serving portions. We ordered the fries and received a humongous platter with a heap of french fries, and the real stuff made from actual taters, another fine product of the argentine countryside.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

In passing snapshot - Massage at the Barrio Chino

This picturesque scene was not shot in Honk Kong or even in New York or Vancouver. These Chinese massagists were attending customers on the sidewalk at the Barrio Chino in Buenos Aires.

The 42nd Feria del Libro in Buenos Aires

This week I had the chance of dropping by the annual book fair in Buenos Aires, that´s held at the Predio Rural de Palermo.

Buenos Aires being one of the Main editorial capitals in South America and the Spanish world, its natural that all the important editorials and bookstores will have a kiosk at the fair.

From religious books to psychology and even comics this the place to go if you´re looking for a literary piece in Spanish.