Saturday, 28 May 2016

25 de Mayo and the " El Hipopotamo Bar" in San Telmo

May 25th is a national Holiday en Argentina, commemorating the date of its independence From Spain in 1810. One of the traditions involving this date is to est a popular stew called "Locro"

Locro is made with corn,potatoes meat and other stew additives you might like. There are thousands of places to eat Locro on the "25 de Mayo", including the presidential residence in Olivos, where they hold a Free event.

Since that day I went biking with friends, we decided to check out the Locro at "El Hipopotamo"a traditional Bar located at Brasil & Defensa in the San Telmo neigbourhood.

El Hipopotamo is a great place to eat and take very nice vintage photos, since it has been kept in its original state.

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