Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ten top pizza joints in Buenos Aires - Runner ups - Siamo nel Forno - Palermo Hollywood

Siamo nel Forno, who´s name makes reference to an argie saying " estamos en el horno", meaning we´re done. Is not your typical argie pizzeria, even though its pizza is quite good. So that´s why it made it to the runner ups in my list.

Do not get me wrong "Siamo nel forno" is very good pizza place in the Neapolitan category, serving the pizza piato style, but its a place that imitates something else, in this case a Neapolitan setting.

In reading other food related blogs in Buenos Aires, this joint is very well recommended, but again in the same blog you´ll read that "Buenos Aires has the worst pizza in the world". A commentary made a burger popping chick that has no clue about real food.

The pizza they serve here is the hard dough version, which differs from the typical spongy argie style, nevertheless I found it very good, not the best, and the service was all right, with a poor choice of draft beers but good enough.

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