Monday, 25 April 2016

Ten top Beer joints in Buenos Aires - Cervelar - Palermo

Cervelar, Tienda de Cervezas has ceveral pubs in Buenos Aires, I went to the one in Palermo, at Cabrera 4399, but therea re athers at Caballito,Belgrano & Microcentro.

They have crafted and bottled beers and a pretty cosy, vintage ambiance.

I had the Dubel style brewed beer, that's a Belgian ale, but you can sample most of the Argentine crafted beers, that can be well appreciated in a land of terrible commercial beers.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Holy week in Cordoba - El Mercado Artesanal

As in any big city we can find in Cordoba an example of popular and traditional crafts fair or "Mercado Artesanal", Located at La Cañada and Achaval Rodriguez, not far from the historical downtown area.
Unlike other fairs, this one is mostly open in the evenings from 6pm till11pm in the summer and 4pm till 9pm in wintertime.

I rather enjoyed its nocturnal ambiance with a myriad of old lamps and warm tone illumination. Needless to say that you can buy from old trinkets to craft beer and any type of home made artifact that you did´nt know you needed.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Ten top Beer Joints in Buenos Aires - Blue Dog - Palermo

Continuing with my Beer tasting journey, I gathered with some friends at the Blue Dog Pub, locates at Gorriti 4758 in Palermo Viejo hood.
Blue Dog also serves craft beer at a reasonable price and has a happy hour as well, its no a place for big crowds but it has a cozy ambience.
The Food was also good, nothing special, but their nachos and snacks come in good size servings.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Holy Week in Cordoba - La Manzana Jesuitica

La Manzana Jesuita in Cordoba Capital is actually a World Heritage site located downtown Cordoba. It contains an University, a school and a Church-Monastery.

You will not miss it, since its smack downtown Cordoba and as its name says its is a whole block of Colonial architecture. Cordoba was inserted into the Paraguay Jesuit province which comprised a series of churches schools and farms that belonged to the Jesuit order in South America.

The site makes for excellent colonial architectural shots, and is one of the few authentic colonial sites left in Argentina.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

The trip to Chile - Eating at the Mercado Central

As I normally do when in seaside cities, I wanted to eat some fine seafood., and what better place to ask for directions to a good restaurant than the local fish market.
So off I went to ask a fish vendor at the Mercado Central, and was directed to a place called Marisol, located right inside the market, don´t ask exactly where, but its there.

Its a tiny joint but they serve glorious seafood dishes for very good prices. I had a seafood soup with beer

Sunday, 10 April 2016

At the Malbec world day

I had the pleasure of dropping by the Malbec World day held at the Palermo Horse track. As its name says its a place of gathering for all the Argentine Mlabec producers.

In the morning and early afternoon you could visit the various oenology's schools and associations in Argentina which would give you samples of different varieties of Malbec.

And after 7pm you could tour the tables with different makes of the wine variety and sample wines till you drop.Unlike many Canadian wineries that charge you and give you a sip of each wine in a puritan fashion, here you could indulge, with moderation of course.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ten top Beer Joints in Buenos Aires - On Tap - Palermo Hollywood

On Tap, located at Cosra Rica 5527 in the Palermo Holliwood neighbourhood is Bar dedicated to local craft beer or "cerveza artesanal" as they call it here.

It has a nice selection of ales, bitters and dark beers served in different sizes. Its a small place that generally overflows towrads the sidewalk.
I had the simil Guinnes beer called Gambrinus and was satisfied with its bitternesss. Even though Argie craft beers tend to be overpriced and are´nt as good as their canadian peers, the prices at "On Tap" were quite accesible.

Monday, 4 April 2016

In Passing snapshot - At the Buenos Aires Market night

This shot was taken at the BUenos Aires Market night at the Palermo Racetrack.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Holy week in Cordoba - Cordoba´s Cathedral

Cordoba´s Roman Catholic Cathedral is by far the biggest church in the city, having taken 200 years to build going through several architects and changing style and materials, it is a real colonial jewel.

You will not miss it when you go downtown Cordoba, since its stands right on the main square.

I took a tour to the belfry organised by the city´s municipality, but obviously being a church it can be entered for free most of the day.

Most of Cordoba's  churches are illuminated at night which makes for great shots.