Monday, 25 January 2016

Top 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires +2 - La Mezzetta - Villa Ortuzar

Now along with Angelin, La Mezzetta sits amongst the 3 best neighbourhood pizza joints in Buenos Aires, again this is only for the die hard pizza lovers, Spanish only, non tourist friendly,crowded, very popular.

Another tell tale tip about restaurants in general is that if its frequented by taxi drivers you can be sure its good eating.
La Mezzetta is located at Alvarez Thomas 1321 in Villa Ortuzar, a hood far from the downtown tourist scene. Its stand up only or take away, but its always crowded and they serve great pizza and fainá.

La mezzetta en Villa Ortuzar es a mi ver junto con Angelin una de las mejores pizerías de rioba, ha ganado el premio a la mejor pizza de Buenos Aires durante varios años, pero sigue siendo un lugar popular y tradicional con los mismos empleados de siempre.
Siempre esta lleno de taxistas, una señal segura de buena comida, por lo menos en Baires.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

the Buenos Aires Market night at the Hipodromo de Palermo

Now here´s a place to get your gastric juices flowing and at the same time take great pics of food and people. The Buenos Aires Market event is done periodically at different venues, gathering different food trucks and kiosks that offer from traditional Argentine grilled meat to Banh mi and other Asian and Mediterranean delicacies.

You can start by getting a drink served by funky bartenders.

If you´re into sweets, I strongly recommend the eclair at the Labán pastry, opposed to the french original, these are extra large and filled with a dulce de leche cream.

Also check out the Queso Brüle cart, to enjoy Delicious torched cheese sticks.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Botanical Gardens in Palermo

Last Sunday morn I decided to check out the "Jardin Botanico de Buenos Aires" located in the heart of Palermo across from Plaza Italia.

It was created by renown landscape artist "Charles Thays" who designed most of Buenos Aire´s parks.It´s an ideal place to relax and flee from the crowds that wander around Plaza Italia, and obviously if you´re into botanics you can get acquainted with all the local trees and plant species.

The place brings you back to the nineteenth century with its statues and fountains, but with the privilege of having wi-fi, allowing you to sit anywhere and access the web.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

I recommend: Ice cream in Buenos Aires - Daniel

Summer can be Bloody hot in Buenos Aires, and most porteños resort to fleeing to the coast for the summer holidays, now for those who still  remain here and for others that come here intentionally to evade the winter in the northern hemisphere, there is a consolation, and that is that Ice cream is very good in Argentina, on one hand due to its strong Italian tradition, and secondly for the quality of the local dairy products.
I have to confess that I do not like to eat Ice cream in large quantities, and always choose the smaller cone in the joint, but I also like to eat ice cream on a daily basis. So I decided to select some of the "Heladerias " that I judge to be good in quality and price.
I will start with one that sits a block away from where I live and one that I frequently stop at late hours to refresh myself with a cone.
Daniel is located at Soler y Armenia in Palermo, very close to several tourist circuits in Palermo, nevertheless you can get a small cone for the equivalent of a buck.
Recommended flavour: Cafe al Caramelo.

the Junk Food guide to Buenos Aires - El Choripan

Today I would like to talk about junk food. Every country has its own version of popular-junk food, be it greasy burgers or pies or choripapas, or choripan.
The choripan is one of argies fast food sandies you can buy anywhere, mind you the sausages they use are a variety made only here in Argentina, to such an extent that when I lived in Mexico you had to ask for the specific chorizo argentino to differentiate it from the Spanish or Mexican type.

Big deal "El choripan" is just a grilled greasy sausage on a bun, maybe, but it sure is tasty. Now one of the most "prestigious" places to eat one is the Costanera, and among the many carts that offer their goods I prefer the one that is called "El chavo", for three reasons one being the quality of their meat which makes people line up to buy even when other carts are empty, Two, for its view of the River Plate and the Fisherman's club and third for its name evocative of childhood times when I watched "El chavo del ocho" one of Mexico's greatest comedians.

Monday, 11 January 2016

In Passing Snapshot - The Buenos Aires Planetarium

On a warm saturday evening on my way to "La Costanera" to eat a choripan and enjoy the river Breeze, in that order, I passed by the Panetario, which I will comment on some other post, and took this pic.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 Dakar in Buenos Aires

On Jan 1st I went to Tecnopolis on the edge of the city of Buenos Aires to see the vehicles that were being prepared for the Dakar rally.

Unfortunately they were being kept behind a tall fence making it impossible for the common folk to get a closer look at the machines.

Things got more interesting in the area reserved for the crews and support vehicles where I got closer to most of the trucks ans also managed to speak with the maintenance crews.

Most of the European truck manufacturers were represented along with Russians and Japanese, but I noticed very little north American presence.

In Passing Snapshot - The wait

Early saturday morning after thr rain at the Ferrocarril Belgrano Saldias train station in Palermo.