Thursday, 14 January 2016

the Junk Food guide to Buenos Aires - El Choripan

Today I would like to talk about junk food. Every country has its own version of popular-junk food, be it greasy burgers or pies or choripapas, or choripan.
The choripan is one of argies fast food sandies you can buy anywhere, mind you the sausages they use are a variety made only here in Argentina, to such an extent that when I lived in Mexico you had to ask for the specific chorizo argentino to differentiate it from the Spanish or Mexican type.

Big deal "El choripan" is just a grilled greasy sausage on a bun, maybe, but it sure is tasty. Now one of the most "prestigious" places to eat one is the Costanera, and among the many carts that offer their goods I prefer the one that is called "El chavo", for three reasons one being the quality of their meat which makes people line up to buy even when other carts are empty, Two, for its view of the River Plate and the Fisherman's club and third for its name evocative of childhood times when I watched "El chavo del ocho" one of Mexico's greatest comedians.

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