Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ten top beer joints in Buenos Aires - Shanhay Dragon - Palermo

The Shanghai dragon located at Araoz 1199 in Palermo is one of three themed pubs along with The Bangalore and Gibraltar that are owned by the same person.

In all of them you will find Asian, Indian and English food done in a mild Argentine style, not the real mackoy but as oriental as you will find in Buenos Aires.

In all the beer selection is alright and its location and cosy ambiance qualifies it as a place to hang out and unwind.

Friday, 29 July 2016

WWG - Buenos Aires - Teatro Colon guided tour

The Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires is considered an obligatory stop for anyone who is in the opera business, be it for its acoustics or for its dimensions.

Besides attending any of the great performances that are presented there you might like to do the guided tour.

It takes you through all the renovated areas but does not go down to the Colon´s renowned workshops. Still it lasts an hour allowing you time to take pis and contemplate. the ticket will cost you around 15$ and it is worth wile going.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

In Passing snapshot - The Lady clown downtown B.A

I love this Lady Clowns costume, saw her on the streets of Buenos Aires, close to the oblisk, part of some sort of kiddie festival organized by the city for the winter break.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

At the Fiesta Colombiana in Buenos Aires

This year´s fiesta Colombiana was held at the Avenida de Mayo, right downtown. It was packed with people and food kiosks.

Basically everything eatable from Colombia was represented, and surprisingly with its original ingredients that are not always easy to come by.

Lots of colours and tasty stuff and of course the colombian "joie de vivre"

Saturday, 23 July 2016

At the 2016 "Feria Rural Argentina"

Its been already a hundred years since they had the first "Feria de ganadería Argentina" which is normally held at the "predio ferial de Palermo" right across from "Plaza Italia".

Its the biggest agricultural fair held in Argentina which features everything from tractors to gaucho apparel and of course the very important cattle championship, at which they select the finest animals in all the categories.

Even if your not a Cowboy or a Gaucho, you may appreciate the food kiosks packed with dulce de leche and exotic jams from Patagonia, or the Stilton hats, or even the latest pick ups on display.

This years fair runs fom july 16th til the 31st.

At the "Feria de la culinaria francesa"

Like several years before, I attended the , the french cuisine fair, at plaza Francia in Recoleta. There were pretty much the same kiosks as in previous fairs with a reasonable variety of french food.

From baguettes to pastries and beer there were more than thirty kiosks each one with its own theme and accompanying french accent "chef".

After doing the usual photo round of the event I opted for the same menu as in previous years, which are the creppes from Uno, Dos, Creppes which I consider the best quality- value choice.

In all I think this is as french as you´ll outside of france, get including french acidic attitude .

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Ten top beer joints in Buenos Aires - Antares - Palermo

The Antares pub located in Armenia 1447 in Palermo, is one of the several pubs that belong to the Antares brewing company.

The venue is quite big and as many other pubs in Palermo was built on the lot of a former car garage,which makes for an ample space with a tall ceiling.

It has a long bar that can accommodate many thirsty customers, and a happy hour that runs till 8pm.
I had the scotch Ale which was quite good.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Ten Top beer joints in Buenos Aires - Van Koning - Las Cañitas

Continuing with our local Pub pilgrimage, this time we visited Van Koning, a dutch themed beer house located at Baez 325 in "Las cañitas" Palermo.
They have a good selection of bottled and crafted beers and offer a really good pizza combo during happy hour.