Saturday, 22 August 2015

To 10 pizza joints in Buenos Aires +1 - La Rey - Obelisco

Hey followers, after several month of my last post I am able to continue with this blog again.
Continuing with the ten top pizza joints in BA. Today I give you a +1.
La Rey ( named after its creator and owner Señor Rey), located on Corrientes 961, just half a block from the obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires. Its pizza is very good and you must try the "Especial La Rey" that comes with sweet peppers and the works, and do'nt pig out or you'll regret it .
As of price, it will be more expensive than other pizzerias, since its location demands higher prices. But you can always eat slices and be pretty stuffed as well.

I would say that on Corrientes Avenue you must Visit Guerrin, La Rey and Los Inmortales, just to  have a feel of the culinary scene in downtown Buenos Aires.