Thursday, 1 October 2015

El Club de pescadores de Buenos Aires

The Fisherman's club located at the Costanera Norte in Buenos Aires is one of those emblematic buildings of the city that you probably saw going or coming from the Aeroparque city airport.
Built in 1903 on a pier over the River Plate it resembles a Belgian Castle, its an ideal spot to frame a sunrise on  the river.

I´ve been here several times to shoot sunrises, but on a Sunday afternoon I stoped by to visit the interior, that boast an aquarium with the native species of the river plate, and also a restaurant that overlooks the river.
the premises are restricted to non members but if you ask politely they will let you look around, and you can lunch or dine at the resto without membership.


  1. Hey there, nice blog yoy have,
    regarding the pescadores club, how was the restuarant?
    Do they have any good seafood? and how about their prices?


    1. Hey Ayman,
      To be frank I did´nt have a chance to eat there yet. I do not eat a lot of fish in Buenos Aires, giving recedence to beefand pizza.