Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back to the scrapyard

Yep, if you read my previous posts, you´ll know that this plane is at a metal recycler in Aurora St. in Montevideo.
Last time I passed by, the place was closed, so i decided to drop by again and find out what plane it was that they have on their front yard.
As most of the people here, the owner was very friendly and he told me that it was a Fairchild AT -21 , from 1943 that had been decommissioned by the Uruguayan Navy. we even went inside and saw that it has most of its original equipment, including radio and receivers.

The cockpit still holds all the original paraphernalia. Afterwards the owner showed us some of his other trophies, like vintage radios,irons,typewriters etc.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The battle of the River Plate

German cruiser "Admiral Graf Spee" was a pocket cruiser of the German navy at the beginning of WWII, it had a series of technological innovations at the time, like being made of welded plates as opposed to bolted plates, which made it much lighter an faster than its opponents. At the onstart of the war the Spee was assigned to "commerce raiding" thus pestering the Brits by sinking cargo and war ships as well. After sinking around 40 vessels the Spee was cornered in the Montevideo Bay, and scuttled by its Captain, to avoid it being captured .

In February 2004 a Salvage team raising the ship, and finally recovered several artifacts of the ship. The vessels telemeter is displayed at the Montevideo Port and a Gun Turret sits in front of the Naval Museum at the Rambla.
For a more complete account of the Battle go to

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The State apparatus

If you come to Montevideo, you´ll certainly stroll through the 18 de Julio Avenue, and on it you´ll find the Intendecia or City Hall building, a true monument to State apparatus.
Standing in front of it you ca´nt avoid feeling like being in Berlin or Beijing in the 60s, in spite of its retro looks (as in retrograde), its worth visiting, since it has a "Mirador" where you can see the main buildings and monuments in the city. Be advised that you have to get a little slip ,outside the building, at a tourist info booth, that's located at one of the intersections, just to have that feeling of bureaucracy...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

El Mercado Agricola de Montevideo

The newly renovated Mercado Agricola used to be the fruit market in Montevideo, its located very close to the Palacio Legislativo. Back in 2006, I even went there to buy some produce, now of course its entirely different, offering a verity of gourmet foods, like beer,Tee, and Coffee, amongst other edibles, and some restaurants and a food court.

I must say they did a good job in the restoration, this is the typical renovated market that you will find in any modern city, and is aimed more at the locals than at tourists.

Now my favourite spot was the gummie stand, where you can pack up with all sorts of sugar jellies.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

If it aint broken do´nt fix it

You can say that again. In Monevideo you can find vintage stuff in perfect working order like this gas station compressor gage, that still runs like the fist day at a Gas Pump on Bvd. Artigas. Now I know what grandpa felt when he pumped his tires.