Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Palacio Barolo

the "Palacio Barolo" is an eclectic style building located in avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires, a couple of blocks away from the National Congress building. It was built in 1919-23 and recently restored. It was meant to house the ashes of Dante Alighiery, the famous Italian Poet.

The building is themed after Dante's "Divine Comedy"and is decorated accordingly representing hell, Purgatory & Heaven, it has 22 floors and 7 elevators, which divided among themselves gives you 3,14 (Pi) among many other symbolisms. The builder was a man of his time, being mason and fascist, and of Italian origin, hence Dante .

Besides the building´s mysteries one of its greatest assets is its 360 view.

By the way, like any big city the best way to move around is the subway, which takes you to most places of interest

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