Friday, 20 December 2013

Chilling with green coconut water

Over my many trips to Brazil and other tropical countries I have come to appreciate the benefits of fresh, cold green coconut water, served at many roadside barracks all over the country, in some cases the vendors will knock off the top of the coconut with a  single machete blow.
Besides being refreshing and rich in potassium etc. its something natural and a local fruit that only grows in tropical places. I laugh at people that travel half the way around the world and only drink coke, when you have dozens of tropical fruits with plenty of juice and exotic flavours that you will not find elsewhere.

Now here´s something that you might not know, and it is that on chopping the coconut open (done free of charge by the machete welding vendor), you can spoon out a white jelly , that is the coconut´s pulp  that´s also yummy to eat by itself or with sugar.

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