Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Basilica del Santísimo Sacramento

The church of the Blessed Sacrament in Buenos Aires is a most visited landmark of the city. Kinda hidden behind an Empire State lookalike building, its actually very well located in the Retiro neighbourhood , Being one of the most lavishly decorated churches in the city with gold and silver Works, a French organ, important stained glass Works, marble and blue granite, bronze and Venetian mosaic ornaments. 
It was built by the Anchorena family that lived basically across Plaza San Martin in a mansion being used today as the Ministry of foreign affairs headquarters, that can also has a tour guide available.

The idea was that the church´s steeples could be seen from the Anchorena´s house, until a marriage proposal was rejected by the family´s matriarch because of lack of social status. The aspiring bride belonged to the Cavanagh family, very rich, but nouveau rich. So it is rumoured that in revenge, the concrete behemoth called the "Edificio Cavanagh" was maliciously placed blocking the church´s view.

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