Saturday, 8 February 2014

Five best places to eat meat in Buenos Aires - Desnivel - San Telmo

Desnivel which means unleveled, probably referring to the fact that they joined to houses to make the restaurant and they are at different floor levels, is located at Defensa 855, right smack at the heart of San Telmo which in the past decade became a tourist hangout. Along with many colleagues I'm averse to crowds which always don't allow for good shots, so if you want to eat here while takings nice pics in San Telmo, do not go on the weekend.

This is a classical Argentine parrilla where you order by the plate, the meat is excellent and they have a pretty good menu. I do recommend the milanesas as well. The portions are big and prices are cheap considering its location. A full meal for 3 people set us back 33 bucks.

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