Thursday, 13 March 2014

Old beaters

It amazing how good footwear can make a difference when out on photo ops. A good pair of shoes that keep you dry, comfy and give you the necessary traction to climb rocks,trees, or just run for your life.
At first I used to spend over 100 bucks on my hiking boots, but with time I realised that when it comes time to take a beating they all react pretty much the same, and after two years, you already think about dumping them to save some weight on your plane luggage.
These I bought at walmart for 30 bucks, and they did the job. All the jobs, like biking, hiking,  gardening,camping and even house painting. so inevitably after three glorious years they made it to the gallery.
I do have another pair of 5.11 tactical boots that I use for more city like photo jobs, but that´s matter for another post.

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