Monday, 20 October 2014

La feria Masticar - chew on that

Dropped by the 2014 edition of the "Feria Masticar" on its last day, since it ran only from the 16-19 October. As its name says, it specialises in chewable stuffs, as well as gulping fluids.

They had kiosks  with most of the famous eating joints in Buenos Aires along with others that sold raw ingredients, fruits and veggies.
Now the one that caught my Canadian eye was the beer tasting bar set up by Stella Artois, filled with thirsty customers waiting for a free glass of cold beer.
The guys tending the taps were quite friendly and instructed the drooling customers on the 9 step pouring ritual, which the beer maker uses on its worldwide add campaigns.
Overall the exhibition was well organised and the entrance ticket was around 4bucks. I definitely recommend checking it out on its next editions.

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