Friday, 21 November 2014

Resting in "La Pampa"

When people talk about the pampas, they normally refer to its "empty vastness", an ideal place to rest while living the life of the"gauchos", the famed Argentine cowboys. Well i have to confirm that it really is an ideal place to rest, as experienced at an "estancia" (ranch) that I visited close to the city of Madariaga in the Buenos Aires Province.

there are many Estancias that offer hotel style lodging all over Argentina. The one I visited belongs to a friend and is a real ranch where they grow cattle and plant soy and sunflowers. Of course I rode horses, hunted, and did other rural activities, but as a photographer I also indulged in photographing the Pampean panoramas, that attract so many north Americans and Europeans  to this latitudes.

and also the chance of talking to the country folk that work the land and the herds. I recommend going there in spring, since all the animals are with offspring and it isn't as hot as in the summer.

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