Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Buenos Aire´s Middle Eastern conexion

I´m not one of going out to restaurants and I normally like to eat mostly local food when visiting different cities. Now when it comes to middle eastern food, I have developed a taste for it since it is practically a local food in places like New York,Ottawa, or Sao Paulo.
In Buenos Aires there is quite a big Colony of Lebanese,Syrians and Armenians, that used to live in the "Villa crespo" neighbourhood, around the Cordoba and Scalabrini Ortiz intersection.
Now the hood has changed and is an extension of the fancy Palermo hood. In any case you can still find good ethnic restaurants like "Sarkis" which specialises in Arab-Armenian food. If you crave for some sfiha or Kibe, this is the place to go. Located at Thames 1101 in Villa crespo, it serves most of the Armenian and Lebanese dishes that you probably know, and also the price is quite cheap considering its location.
Be advised that you will probably have to line up to get in, since the tourist crowds from Palermo also tend to go there.

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