Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sea Food paradise

One of my strict travel rules is not to eat fish or seafood unless its really fresh, and also to eat seafood and fish when at seaside cities, specially in the southern Atlantic or Pacific where the sea food tends to be bigger and tastier.

It came to my knowledge that José Ignacio has one of the 10 best restaurants to eat seafood worldwide, according to T& L magazine. Ofcourse that comes with a price tag attached that exceeds my modest travel budget, and also my aversion to expensive restaurants.
So come lunch time I asked around and was referred to a discreet restaurant called "La Farola", in Jose Ignacio, BTW, the town is 10 by ten blocks , so you´ll find it.

The place is owned and run by people born and raised "in Town", it began as a grocery store, with a cafe attached and became a full fledged restaurant.
I ordered the "Tallarines con mariscos" which is spaghetti with seafood, that is best had with white wine, but I had to condescend to my company and share a beer.

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