Monday, 3 April 2017

The trip to Carmelo, Uruguay - The crossing

You probably heard that it is very easy to hop over to Uruguay from Buenos Aires, and it really is, going from Puerto Madero to Colonia or Montevideo.

There is however another route that brings you to a smaller city in Uruguay that is Called Carmelo.
For that you have to go to the city of Tigre in the Buenos Aires province. You can make it there by car or train in around 45 Min's.

From Tigre you can take "La Cacciola" ferry, which I mentioned in another post, and do a two and a half hour boat trip on the Parana River Delta, which lands you in Carmelo, roughly 90 clicks from the more famous Colonia.

The boats are quite stable and comfy, and they will even take your bike at no extra cost.
You can buy the tickets in Tigre or on line, and they will set u back 75 U$ back and forth, depending on the time of the year.

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