Thursday, 7 May 2015

From Montevideo to sao Paulo ... - Rafting at Brotas Sao Paulo state

"50 clicks  N.E from the mega city of Sao Paulo, Brazil is a small colonial town called Brotas, where people normally go to visit its beautiful colonial palaces, remnant of a by gone era of a coffee plantation elite, but also to do water sports at the Jacaré Pepirá River, that runs very close to the town,

One of the fun things to do is "Water rafting" , provided you gather a large enough group to fill a raft. I went with the "Vaca Nautica° operators, right in downtown Brotas. We did 15km stretch an hour and a half. i was very satisfied with the cost benefit, being about 30 bucks a person all inclusive, that is gear ,transportation and even a post trip snack.

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