Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sao Paulo´s public transit system

As I mentioned before, when in Sao paulo y stay in the Serra da Cantareira area to avoid the asphyxiating mega city of Sao Paulo, nevertheless I always have to go there at least once. This time I tried the public transport, using the subway and bus system.

I have to say that I´m a big fan of the subway when in a big city, unless you are in the historical part of Rome or Paris, in which case I rather walk. But in any other huge city, the best way to avoid endless traffic jams is to move by subway.

To make it to the subway I had to take these huge accordion buses, that they now use in Sao Paulo. First surprise was the cost. Being used to very cheap bus fares in South America, the bus fare was R3.50, that is 1.20 US which is´nt outrageous, but then there is no transfer, so when I got to the subway I had to pay again, so in the end it cost me the same as in Toronto or New York, the quality of the buses and subway being more or less the same.
Then the bus part was fast when it moved on the exclusive bus lane, but afterwards it got into some endless windy roads that made a 10 click ride into more than an hour long.
People in Brazil are very friendly too and are very helpful when you loose your bearings.

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