Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Trip to Lobos - Part Five

I begun  second day in Lobos having a wonderful breakfast at the B&B and headed out to explore the area and the Lagoon that is located on the outskirts of the town.

Right outside town I passed by the "Aerodromo de Lobos" that is the local airfield, that's basically a field without tarmac. When I was passing by I saw some skydivers so i decided to check out the prices. I was told that you can jump for about $150 bucks with the instructor.

Arriving at the Lagoon I circled it and found a nice spot to dip in, the water was brown but clean, do´nt expect Canadian lake quality,

Before heading back to town  I fuelled up with a ice cold pint of "Cerveza Artesanal" or microbrewery beer that is draught, this one was "Barba Roja" and it was pretty good, I also had a greasy Choripan to complete the calorie intake for the 15 click bike ride.

Instead of taking the "Ruta 205" back I took an old railroad track tha' abandoned and that shortens the ride 5 clicks. Its pretty smooth riding cuz the sleepers are totally covered by dirt, until you hit the abandoned bridge, and that can be trickier when you have two or more sleepers missing, then you have to keep your balance under pain of falling with bike and equipment into the river.
It was easy riding except for some nasty 3 inch thorns that will puncture any bike tire.

Aftaer that it was back to the train station for the tieresome 4hrr trip back to Baires.

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