Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Trip to Lobos - Part Two

I made it to lobos at bout 10.40 after a 3.5 h trip by train which was´nt so bad considering the weather was great. I hit the road and biked to the "Estancia La Candelaria" that sits 15 clicks away from town. The road cuts through pampa farmland adorned grazing fat cows.

The Estancia was my main reason for the trip, as you can see it resembles a french chateau like the ones found besides the Loire River. It was built in 1894 by Manuel Fraga owner of the state.Its surrounded by a magnificent park designed by Charles Thays, a French landscaper that designed most of the big parks in Buenos Aires.

The Chateau has Gothic,Normand and baroque elements and is decorated inside with Louis XV and XVI furniture.
Today the Estancia serves as a Hotel and you can either spend the nigh there, or do a "Día de Campo"staying there for the day.

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