Monday, 21 December 2015

The Trip to Lobos - Part Four

Now, after arriving back at Lobos y went back to the B&B y was staying, its called "Lo de Salgado" and is on Salgado street which honours the founder of the town, Jose Salgado. This was actually his house that now serves as a B&B. I do recommend the place which is also bike friendly.

Lobos is really a small town 98km away from the big city. It does have some life of its own but serves mainly as the conection link in between the farms that surround it and Buenos Aires, via the raillway.

I strolled by 9 de Julio street that is the towns main thorough way and was delighted to find at least 5 ice cream parlours in the same amount of blocks.

A fun fact is that walking round town I bumped into the town library that used to be a masonic lodge. I found it curious that there would be a lodge in such a small place. I was told that in the early 1800 hundreds a good number of Italians moved here and some were masons thus building a lodge, but they insisted in provoking the catholics in the area by celebrating Sept 20 that was the day Garibaldi conquered the Vatican. So the church taking advantage of the Italians from Teggiano that were devoted to San Cono had big processions on his feast day that is Sept 23rd spoiling the masons party.

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