Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Trip to Lobos - Part One

Last weekend was a long one here in Buenos Aires, they call them "Feriados Puente", wich is no novelty , but this time it ran from Saturday to Tuesday. So this time I decided to get out of the B.A, (Big Apple or Buenos Aires, as you prefer).
The chosen destination Lobos which sits roughly 100 clicks from the Capital. Of course it would be no fun to just go by car, so I did the Train-Bike combo.

Aprovechando el finde largo el 8 de Diciembre decidí hacer un viaje a Lobos para conocer las estancias y la Laguna. Lobos queda a unos 100km de Baires y se puede acceder por ruta o tren. Pero para evitar la monotonía se me ocurrió ir en bici y tren.

My Idea was to take on the first train of the Sarmiento Line from Once terminal which leaves at 5.30 am, so as to arrive at Lobos around 8 and be able to bike around without being torched by the Sun, but unfortunately the second train that departs from Merlo station does not have a sequential schedule with that service, which left me with the 7.09 train that brings you to Merlo at 8.28 enough to run for the departing train to Lobos.

As I mentioned on a previous post, bikes must travel on the cargo waggon of the train which here is called "Furgón". Fortunately there were several other bikers that were doing the same stunt, so it made up for a nice trip with conversation and helpfull tips.

The Sarmiento line has new trains with AC which made the Once-Merlo stage of the trip comfy, as for the second stage from Merlo to Lobos, you get to use the vintage trains that travel slow making the 80km trip a 2.5h journey.

In any case the trip took roughly 3.5 hrs from Once to Lobos setting me back 6.50 pesos which is bout 50c American.

This was the timetable for the Trip from Buenos Aires to Lobos

6:25 am. Departure from Palermo (by bike)
6:50 am. Arribal at Once Station (Ferrocarril Sarmiento)
7:16 am  Departure train Once-Merlo
8:20 am Train arives at Merlo station
8:28 am  Departure train Merlo-Lobos
10:45 am  train arives at Lobo

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